Hello everyone! Welcome to Tonari no Neko’s page.

I am the cat next door, and here, I would like to talk and share some of the stuff that I am interested in. To summarize, I’m really into make up and beauty, health, cooking and baking.  So, I’m hoping to record and document all the tips and skills that I’ve learnt over the years on this page 🙂

As I’m learning Japanese at the moment. I will try to post all my blog entries in both English and Japanese! Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day :3




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Steam palm sugar fatt koh.(gula Melaka)

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This is one of my favorite kuih… It is yummy and beautiful to look at. It’s one of my children’s favourites too. First of all you will need a big steaming pot filled with water, put on high heat. You will need

180g palm sugar
100ml water
Boil the sugar with water over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Turn of heat, strain and leave to cool .

250g flour
2teaspoon double action powder
1box of santan

Meantime, sift the flour with the double action powder. Next pour in the sugar and mix evenly. Follow with the egg and santan. Pour into mold or cups till almost to the brim.
Steam over high heat for 10mins for small,15mins for medium and
20-mins for Large

**Steam on high heat, eggs must be fresh, santan room temperature , no double stacking as water will drop down and it will not…

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